The Company

Providing Impact

Montell & Partners is dedicated to impacting the future of our clients. Our impact comes from developing powerful solutions that enable our clients to manage through industry challenges.

Montell & Partners strongly believes in supporting our clients in joint teams during the implementation phase to secure lasting business impact and knowledge transfer.



Montell & Partners offers our clients a long term relationship where commitment and dedication are not only given during the analysis and development phase but also during the implementation and follow-up. By taking pride in always putting the client first and delivering high quality results, we ensure that value is created for our clients at the same time that their full potential is realized.

Result Delivered

Montell & Partners strongly believes that only by delivering lasting results, can our own success be secured. Montell & Partners further believes that only by getting into details and exploring our clients’ problems outside the boardroom can proven, long lasting results be delivered.


montell-presentAt Montell & Partners we strive towards becoming the best work place in the world. This is an ongoing improvement work and we are proud of what we have accomplished so far. At Montell & Partners each employee is individually supported in its personal development and has an assigned coach. We also have a flexible approach when it comes to work structure that enables the employees to remain in the company during all phases of life, from young professional to family life and senior professional.