Business Principles

To achieve our mission, we focus consistently on fulfilling our business principles, which is the foundation in everything we do:
  1. montell-conversationWe always set the client’s interests first, independent of the organizational level or position that we support.
  2. We are dedicated to taking on the most complex challenges of our clients and delivering substantial impact. It is our strong belief that if we serve our clients well and add significant value to the organization, our own success will follow.
  3. As we take on the most challenging assignments we work in teams to ensure creative, high-quality deliverables.
  4. Our clients recognize us for our team oriented and collaborative approach that shows leadership, integrity and honesty.
  5. The foundation of our business is our people and our reputation. Only by recruiting and retaining the most exceptional individuals can our long term reputation be secured.
  6. Our client driven success enables our people to move ahead and develop in a rapid pace, which ensures our retention of the very best competency within the firm.
  7. We believe in professionalism and have high ethical standards in everything we do as we constantly receive confidential information as a part of our client relationship.
  8. We are known for generously sharing profits to charity and have a proud tradition of taking corporate social responsibility.
  9. Our humility, honesty and team oriented spirit have enabled us to keep our clients and to continuously expand our portfolio of clients on a local and global basis.
  10. We are a management consultant boutique. We are small enough to offer flexibility, loyalty and intimacy yet big enough to work on the most complex challenges of our clients.