Pro Bono

Pro Bono Publico (often shortened to Pro Bono) is a Latin phrase that means “for the public good”. At Montell & Partners we have taken the opportunity during the years to make Pro Bono and corporate social responsibility a part of our company culture and strategy, a part that we value highly. By donating financial means to charity organizations helping people that have not been as fortunate as we have we give back to the society. Our work does not only bring value to ourselves and our customer but also to the society and its less fortunate individuals.

At Montell & Partners we take corporate social responsibility by financially supporting the following organizations:

Stadsmissionen Stadsmissionen

To be at hand with hope, alternative solutions, and light is consistently the most important work for Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg. Their tasks include working for those who, as a result of abuse, mental illness, social problems or sickness, have ended up among the vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless in Gothenburg.

Montell & Partners are proud to be sponsors of Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg. We know that our sponsorship will help exposed and vulnerable people in Gothenburg, the city where we have been fortunate enough to work and live our lives.