Montell & Partners’ view on public sector

The public sector is an interesting and important area that faces many challenges, some, that are similar to the ones in the private sector. For example having a strained economy, which forces the municipalities/regions to, more actively than before, improve processes, work more efficiently and deliver services in a more efficient way.

But some challenges differ, for example demands created by politics, the inhabitants in the municipality or region. Many challenges derive from shifting population or demographics, which changes the demands.

The public sector is also subject to audits in a different way than companies in the private sector, which implies that having working methods to secure quality, follow-up and risk is extremely important. Waste is never acceptable and especially not when taxes fund the operations.

What value can Montell & Partners add to your work in the public sector?

We believe that by combining best practice from the private sector with the public sector’s special prerequisites and needs, we always can deliver customized solutions that match the needs of our customers, regardless of if they are publicly owned or not.

Montell & Partners has experience from working with the public sector and we have previously worked with the city of Göteborg, the region of Halland and the municipal of Härnösand for example. With our experience from many different assignments and areas we can offer services such as:

  • Project management, including project management process and set-up of project management offices (PMOs)
  • Business plan development and developing operational plans
  • Mapping and development of your processes
  • Implementation of IT solutions
  • Development of your work methods

Example of offerings

We support our customers by working in joint teams and our solutions are customized for your specific organization and situation. We focus on creating sustainable value and knowledge transfer through execution in joint teams, and we can thereby ensure realization of identified potentials and high quality deliverables. We offer many services within the following areas:

  • Strategy and Organization
  • Project management
  • Process development
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing

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PartnerJacob Axenborg

Jacob Axenborg


Jacob has been a part of Montell & Partners since 2005 and is based in Gothenburg. His work is focused on organization, strategy and supply chain management, mainly working with change management and process management focus. A core discipline for Jacob is footprint analysis and footprint design focusing on how to optimize the supply chain over time. He has a long experience of working with both private and public organizations.

Jacob has a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology and a B.Sc. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Gothenburg.