Montell & Partners’ view on Business Intelligence systems

BI system, or Business Intelligence system, is a system that combines and standardizes information from the firm’s different systems into one data warehouse solution, enabling a streamlined and easy accessible follow up in all levels of the organization. Examples of different systems that can be combined are:

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM – Customer Relation Management
  • Financial systems

How can BI systems add value to your company?

Many firms base their decisions on scattered data from the various functions in the organization, which leads to a higher risk of sub optimization and poorly made decisions. By having a well-functioning BI system the firm will experience a number of improvements such as:

  • The management bases their decisions on correct and coherent information, minimizing the risk of sub optimization
  • The BI system provides the company with an infrastructure allowing easy access and delivery of:
    • Enterprise reports
    • Scorecards
    • Dashboards
    • Ad-hoc analysis

What value does Montell & Partners add to your BI system work?

Montell & Partners has vast experience in improving different companies’ BI systems in a number of industries.  A key success factor in BI projects is to work in close cooperation with the client and customize the approach to the specific situation.  We offer support throughout the whole process from identified need to implementation in order to create a tailor-made BI system. The support is often given in joint teams and we offer support in:

  • Data structure analysis and current system analysis, by having an external perspective and experience from many different projects and industries
  • Defining KPIs and targets and setting up report and follow-up structure, which is key to create the prerequisites for successful follow up
  • Supporting the implementation and roll-out of the system

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