Montell & Partners’ view on ERP systems

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a system in which business management is integrated with information technology.

Why is an external business competence a good investment when installing an ERP system?

The ERP system adds value to your organization by integrating business and information technology with the following key benefits:

  • Automation of administrative processes
  • Resource planning of materials, man hours and machines
  • Streamlining and coordination of operations to reduce costs
  • A way to understand and manage risks

Both finding the right software and implementation strategy are equally important when choosing the new Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Even if the best ERP software has been selected, much effort has to be invested in implementing the system in order to succeed.

There are several “best practices” for implementing ERP software, but understanding each strategy and choosing the best option is difficult. ERP system implementation is often a complex process including several business functions and consists of planning, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

What value does Montell & Partners add to your ERP system work?

Montell & Partners provides customized support from the start in an ERP system project, from evaluating system fit and setting up the enterprise architecture, to supporting the organization in the implementation and change management work in order to bring the best solution to the client. Montell & Partners has extensive experience from global, multi-site ERP-implementations that will help our clients finding the way to undertake the challenge of any ERP project.

Our support is offered in joint teams and is always tailored for your specific organization and situation. We focus on creating sustainable value and can support your ERP system activities by:

  • Supporting you in the Enterprise Architecture creation, which is essential to get a system that is tailored for your needs
  • Helping with the system and supplier evaluation including negotiation and agreement
  • Leading the implementation and change management process. Changing the employees’ behaviors and training them in the new system are essential for the success of the implementation

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