Montell & Partners’ view on IT governance

IT governance focuses specifically on IT systems, their performance and risk management. The primary goals of IT governance are to assure that the investments in IT generate business value, and to mitigate the risks that are associated with IT.

How can improved IT governance add value to your company?

Many firms have their IT function separated from the business, not utilizing the full potential of their systems and putting restraints on the organizational efficiency. Improved IT governance will add business value to the company by:

  • Enhancing IT alignment with business processes
  • Focusing IT issues on business relevant subjects giving a more agile IT structure
  • Improving control of IT efficiency and effectiveness
  • Clearing ownership of IT processes and supporting IT systems

What value does Montell & Partners add to your IT governance?

Montell & Partners works closely with our clients when integrating IT governance into your corporate governance structure and to align IT with your business goals as well as to ensure that resources are allocated in an optimal way.

We help you navigate between the different best practices and proven methods to define clear structures that suit you and your industry best by setting up a tailor made supply and demand model including:

  • Mapping of current IT system and business processes together with the current architecture
  • Defining and implementing new clear roles and responsibilities regarding IT service management processes that support the business model
  • Defining and implementation of a new governance model for IT architecture throughout the organization