Montell & Partners’ view on Application Development

Application Development is a very wide area ranging from development of completely new system solutions to adoptions of existing standard systems and functionalities.

How can Application Development add value to your company?

For most business processes, standard off-the-shelf software can and should be leveraged. At times, however, challenges or opportunities arise where standard software either does not exist or is insufficient, which is when custom software solutions are required. At its best, custom software can even provide unique competitive advantages not available to competitors.

What value does Montell & Partners add to your Application Development work?

Montell & Partners are highly experienced in developing custom software applications, either as stand-alone systems or as extensions to standard systems, designed not merely to fulfill a requirements specification but rather solve the specific business challenge at hand.

Montell & Partners break the traditional barriers between business analysts, system architects and software developers by providing experienced consultants skilled in all these areas, which enables relatively small teams with both domain and technical skills to focus on both the business problem and its technical solution.

We are primarily a Microsoft shop, skilled in developing applications based on Microsoft stacks:

  • Web applications based on IIS, ASP.NET and SQL Server
  • Desktop applications
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Business Intelligence applications based on SQL Server