Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management is increasingly important in a business climate with increasing competition and global presence. Securing you have an efficient set-up from your suppliers to the customers is the key to ensure the value of your offerings. Focus on optimizing the overall solution and tying it all together is the main thing in this area why we at Montell & Partners talk a lot about your footprint. However, even when you have set your structure there are many areas where you can make the difference between a plain supply chain and a winning structure.

At Montell & Partners we see purchasing and procurement as an integral part of the supply chain why we want to see this as a unity together with the value adding activities in the flow, i.e. the manufacturing, the logistics and the information flow to support the processes.


We live in a dynamic world and to stay competitive it is critical that the production and logistic set-ups are...

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Manufacturing Optimization

How can Manufacturing Optimization strengthen your competitive edge and improve your overall business performance? For many producing companies the manufacturing...

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Capital Rationalization

How can a capital rationalization initiative add value to your company? A company’s profitability can be measured by Return On...

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Logistics sourcing

How can logistics sourcing add value to your company? Logistics costs are on many occasions an important part of a...

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Purchasing typically handles a substantial share of a company's total costs which makes it an important strategic area with major...

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