Logistics sourcing

How can logistics sourcing add value to your company?

Logistics costs are on many occasions an important part of a company’s total expenses. The operational work is often based on set-ups that have evolved over time and under different business circumstances, which means that they may not be optimal from a cost perspective. By securing the right set-up and negotiating both transportation cost and logistics center cost the total cost can in many cases be substantially reduced.

What value does Montell & Partners add to your work with logistics sourcing?

The team at Montell & Partners has long experience of working with sourcing of logistics services. We know that it generally has a large impact on your overall business and we help you through the whole process, from the make/buy decision to signed agreements with suppliers. Our experience will help you reduce your logistics sourcing costs and you will have access to the entire knowledge of working solutions in our team. We have developed several tools to ensure a fact based analysis combined with a flexible approach, which ensures a solution customized for your needs.

Our support is offered in joint teams and is always tailored for your specific organization and situation. We focus on creating sustainable value and can support your logistics sourcing activities by:

  • Defining what services are needed in your logistics network, including the service level needs
  • Defining how many service providers you would need, i.e. what kind of relation/partnership would be preferred
  • Scanning the market for service providers
  • Preparing the material needed to create clear RFI and RFQ material
  • Facilitating or leading the communication with service providers
  • Evaluating the responses from the service providers
  • Supporting the negotiation process to achieve best possible cost levels
  • Proposing what integration level you and logistics service suppliers should have, in terms of communication and IT-systems
  • Proposing supplier evaluation routines