Footprint analysis and supply chain optimization

We live in a dynamic world and to stay competitive it is critical that the production and logistic set-ups are continuously optimized. There are several possible reasons why evaluations need to be done regularly, such as acquisitions, changing market conditions, increasing cost levels and changed risk factors. A footprint analysis offers a complete investigation of your supply chain to find the best set-up for your business.

How can a footprint analysis add value to your company?

Implementing a new footprint set-up can be expensive and it is therefore vital that all decisions are based on a robust analysis of the cost drivers and risks. A footprint analysis adds value to your organization by:

  • Optimizing cost and lead time throughout the value chain by evaluating it from suppliers to customers including sourcing locations, transportation and manufacturing
  • Enabling fact based decisions by identifying drivers of cost and risk
  • Providing a way to monitor changes within the supply chain over time

What value can Montell & Partners add to your work with footprint analysis?

The employees at Montell & Partners have long experience from conducting footprint analyses. We have conducted both detailed analyses in complex environments and more assumption based analyses when less information is known.

Our support is offered in joint teams and we customize our approach to your specific organization and situation. We offer you the best people with a unique flexibility and can support your footprint work by:

  • Providing a rough preview in a short time to determine areas for future analysis
  • Identifying cost drivers by the use of proven tools that allows simulation of various set-ups
  • Using a cross-functional approach, which gives an increased understanding for the entire value chain allowing us to avoid sub-optimizations
  • Working closely together with your organization to secure knowledge transfer and long-term success