Manufacturing Optimization

How can Manufacturing Optimization strengthen your competitive edge and improve your overall business performance?

For many producing companies the manufacturing process is the core of the business, driving costs and impacting revenues heavily. Optimizing your manufacturing process, to create flexibility to meet shifting demands in a fast and responsive way, is necessary to be successful in your market. At the same time, productivity and cost must be improved and there is no room for waste of any kind.

Producing companies face many challenges, for example seasonal changes, balancing new and old products and handling orders of different batch sizes. By conducting a manufacturing optimization the following benefits may be realized:

  • Increased on time delivery for improved customer satisfaction
  • Decreased costs through having a balanced production set-up

What value does Montell & Partners add to your manufacturing optimization work?

Montell & Partners has a holistic view on your complete supply chain, from the supplier network, through the manufacturing process and all the way through your distribution system. We take on the most complex challenges and can identify the bottlenecks of today and the opportunities for tomorrow by the use of our tested approaches.

Every supply chain and manufacturing process can be measured by throughput, cost and inventory. Our holistic way of working will tell us where to focus and what to do. Together we can find the bottlenecks of the process, where a buffer of inventory is of most value, and how to get the highest possible throughput in the manufacturing process.

Our support is offered in joint teams and we customize our approach to your specific organization and situation. We offer you the best people with a unique flexibility and can support your manufacturing optimization activities by for example:

  • Focusing on cost/benefit
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Analyzing and improving production master plans