How do I get the results?

The best potentials and business cases in the world are nothing if they are not put into action. As purchasing typically handles up to 60-70% of a company’s costs, the value of cost reducing initiatives are often very high. However, capturing potentials is not only about cost reduction but also for example about:

  • Training your purchasing organization
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Improving processes and organizations
  • Enhancing supplier relations and development
  • Ensuring simple and relevant follow-up

Montell & Partners can support your organization to make these important changes happen.

How can we help you to capture your full potential?

Montell & Partners works in close cooperation with the customer to ensure the project’s successful execution and internal buy-in of the improvement work. Montell & Partners is flexible and we customize our approach to suit you and your organization. We can help you with for example:

  • Strategy development
  • Cost rationalization projects
  • Category management
  • Supplier relationship development
  • Supplier evaluation and negotiations
  • Risk management
  • Follow-up
  • Project management of important purchasing projects

Case Study

Motell & Partners performed purchasing improvement at a manufacturing company

Client & Challenge The client is a manufacturing company with five manufacturing sites in Europe, an annual turnover of 3 000 MSEK and purchase volume...

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