How much better can we get?

Most organizations have the potential to improve their purchasing substantially. However, they are often unaware of how big the opportunities are. A potential analysis can identify possible improvements such as:

  • Cost savings
  • Decreased tied up capital
  • Quality improvements
  • Lead time reduction
  • Improved supplier relations
  • More robust processes
  • Efficient follow-up methods

What value does Montell & Partners add to your potential analysis work?

Montell & Partners can support your company by analyzing your current performance and identify improvement and potentials. The result is a diagnosis of the current purchasing situation, including improvement suggestions and concrete plans for realizations. Montell & Partners act as a neutral, external part and we are used to handling different demands and to optimize the result as well as ensure realization of identified potentials. This can be done through the following:

  • Purchasing spend analysis
  • Negotiation and commercial analysis
  • Purchasing organization analysis
  • Purchasing process analysis
  • Benchmarks
  • Risk and sensitivity analysis
  • General agreement and call-offs analysis
  • Index analysis (e.g. raw material price index)
  • Inventory optimization

Case Study

Montell & Partners performed an improvement analysis for indirect purchasing

Client & Challenge The client is an automotive component manufacturing unit in Sweden with an annual turnover of 450 MSEK The assignment included two parts:...

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