Strategy & Corporate Finance

Montell & Partners have extensive experience of supporting organizations in different industries with issues regarding business plans, re-organizations and corporate finance.


A strategy should describe the journey that the company needs to make from its current position to reach the future desired position which is described by main initiatives that will be performed in the coming 3-5 years. To secure fulfilment of the strategy, key activities are monitored in the top management group by using an operational planning tool with focus on the coming three months. Montell & Partners has experience of developing strategies on both corporate level and business unit level.

Specifically, we can offer you customized solutions developed by our skilled people in joint teams, and help you excel within the following areas:

  • Creating a new strategy or developing an existing one by acting as strategic advisors and support you throughout the entire process
  • Facilitating and catalyzing your work with vision, mission and company objectives
  • Breaking down long term strategic targets into activities and projects on different levels in the organization
  • Challenging the current organizational structure by identify potential improvement areas and creating an efficient follow-up structure including KPIs and scorecards

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance includes all activities that impact the capital structure of a company as well as activities that influence shareholder value. Corporate finance-related activities are often initiated when a company or business unit is about to be sold or acquired by a third party and the logic reasoning behind the decision of divestment/acquisition needs to be verified. Montell & Partners has acted as strategic advisors for both parties of a transaction and have driven the commercial due diligence process including presentation to potential banks funding the transaction.

We offer you the best people performing in joint teams with a unique flexibility and can support your corporate finance related activities by:

  • Developing information memorandum for potential divestment objects
  • Conducting company valuations based on Discounted Cash Flow analysis and comparison with peer companies
  • Identifying potential buyers or acquisition targets
  • Acting as strategic advisors during the divestment/acquisition process
  • Conducting commercial due diligence
  • Initiating realization of identified synergies after completed acquisition


An organization is often divided into functional divisions and their respective roles and responsibilities need to be clearly defined for the organization to become efficient. The interaction between the functions is controlled by the governance structure in combination with the company’s processes. With relevant KPIs for each part of the organization the company will be able to reach its overall goals by a structured follow-up. Montell & Partners often act as coaches within projects, collaborating closely together with you to achieve great results that matches your needs.

Specifically, we can help you within the following areas:

  • Developing organizational structures including roles and responsibilities
  • Defining governance structure including forums and participants
  • Defining KPIs on corporate as well as individual level and connect these to a balanced scorecard
  • Supporting integration activities
  • Optimizing corporate processes

Process development

Having well organized processes that support your operation is crucial to stay competitive on the market. Process development adds value to your organization by being the foundation for continuous improvement of efficiency, reducing lead times and lowering costs. This is achieved by increasing quality and customer satisfaction through clarified working. Montell & Partners are experienced within process development techniques such as Six Sigma and Lean Administration and have also worked with implementation and improvement of quality management systems.

We focus on creating sustainable value and can support your need of process related activities by:

  • Establishing a company’s processes from scratch without previous material by acting as project leaders or advisors supporting process manager or quality managers
  • Streamlining and improving existing processes in a company according to proven methods by acting as project leaders or advisors that supports process managers or quality managers
  • Establishing a well-functioning process organization with process managers working with continuous improvements

Program Management

Program management is the process of managing the related projects, with the overall goal of improving an organization’s performance. It helps your organization to deliver and realize the required benefits, innovation, and innovative ways of working that will ensure success with major projects and programs of business change. Montell & Partners adds value to our clients by keeping the strategic alignment of the different projects included in the program, ensuring that all projects contribute to the program goal.

We can support you by emphasising the coordination and prioritising of resources across projects by:

  • Structuring the governance model, including follow-up and reporting within the program, to secure the projects’ successful execution
  • Follow up resource utilization and ensures that the resources working in the program focus their efforts on the right things
  • Identifying and keeping track of all program risks

Project Management

Project management is the art of planning, organizing and controlling resources to achieve specific goals over a specific period. Projects demand a lot from the organization and a challenge is to capture the expected value of the project result. A well-developed project model and a project management office (PMO) can contribute to the success of projects with a cross-functional set-up. Montell & Partners has extensive experience from developing and implementing project models. We can support you throughout the entire process, starting with defining your needs and requirements to develop and implement a suitable model.

We can provide support within the following areas:

  • Implementation of a project model that meet your needs and requirements
  • Development of a suiting governance structure
  • Definition of clear project roles and responsibilities
  • Creation of appropriate documentation templates and agendas
  • Training and education of the employees in the new project model

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PartnerChristian Dahlqvist

Christian Dahlqvist


Christian is a founding partner at Montell & Partners. He is based in Gothenburg and his work is focused on corporate finance, strategy and organization. Christian has been the strategic advisor for a number of projects including merger and acquisitions, due diligence, post-merger integration, developing business plans, re-organizations and establishment of new businesses/business models. Christian has also extensive experience in the area of supply chain strategies and footprint analysis. Prior to Christian’s work at Montell & Partners he was a manager for Arthur D. Little, where he worked in both Gothenburg and Palo Alto, USA.

Christian holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology and a M.Sc. in Business Economics and Administration from Gothenburg School of Economics and Commercial Law.