Corporate Finance

Corporate finance includes all activities that impact the capital structure of a company as well as activities that influence shareholder value. Corporate finance-related activities are often initiated when a company or business unit is about to be sold or acquired by a third party and the logic reasoning behind the decision of divestment/acquisition needs to be verified.

A valuation of the unit to be sold needs to be conducted by both parties involved in the transaction and is often made by combining Discounted Cash Flow analysis with a comparison of market values for peer companies.

The divesting party needs to describe clearly what is being sold as well as the potentials for a new owner and this is often made in an information memorandum. The acquiring party needs to conduct a due diligence to secure that the potentials can be realized and that no other significant risks can arise, jeopardizing the financial outcome.

How can Montell & Partners support you with Corporate Finance related issues?

The employees at Montell & Partners take on companies’ most complex challenges and have long experience from preparing companies for divestment as well as evaluating potential acquisitions. We have acted as strategic advisors for both parties of a transaction and have driven the commercial due diligence process including presentation to potential banks funding the transaction.

Our support is offered in joint teams and we customize our approach to your specific organization and situation. We offer you the best people with a unique flexibility and can support your corporate finance related activities by:

  • Developing information memorandum for potential divestment objects
  • Conducting company valuations based on Discounted Cash Flow analysis and comparison with peer companies
  • Identifying potential buyers or acquisition targets
  • Acting as strategic advisors during the divestment/acquisition process
  • Conducting commercial due diligence
  • Initiating realization of identified synergies after completed acquisition

Case Study

Supported divestment and acqusition of business units

Montell & Partners supported a privately owned company with both divestment and acquisition of business units including information memorandum and company valuation Client & Challenge...

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