An organization is often divided into functional divisions and their respective roles and responsibilities need to be clearly defined in order for the organization to become efficient. The interaction between the functions is controlled by the governance structure in combination with the company’s processes.   With relevant KPIs for each part of the organization the company will be able to reach its overall goals by a structured follow-up.

When a company acquires another entity the entire organizational structure needs to be redefined to secure that all parts are included in the new company organization and culture. This is often done in a Post-Merger Integration project which includes all the aspects described above.

How can Montell & Partners support the development of your organization?

The employees at Montell & Partners take on companies’ most complex challenges and have long experience from supporting companies with organizational issues. We have supported development of new organizational structures, defined governance structures and developed new processes. We have supported the top management with defining role descriptions including KPIs as well as securing proper follow up in their daily operational operation.

Our support is offered in joint teams and we customize our approach to your specific organization and situation. We offer you the best people with a unique flexibility and can support your company with organizational related activities by:

  • Developing organizational structures including roles and responsibilities
  • Defining governance structure including forums and participants
  • Defining KPIs on corporate as well as individual level and connect these to a balanced scorecard
  • Supporting integration activities
  • Optimizing corporate processes

Case Study

Integration of two business units in Japan

Montell & Partners supported the client by integrating two business units in Japan by creating a new joint company Client & Challenge The client had...

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