Program Management

Companies today often conduct several projects at the same time. Some projects that are closely related and dependent on each other can be gathered in a project program. Program management is the process of managing the related projects, with the overall goal of improving an organization’s performance.

How can Program Management add value to your company?

Program Management is valuable to your company as it:

  • Helps your organization to deliver and realize the required benefits, innovation, and new ways of working that will ensure success with major projects and programs of business change
  • Emphasizes the coordinating and prioritizing of resources across projects
  • Manages links between the projects as well as the overall costs and risks of the program

What value does Montell & Partners add to your Program Management work?

Montell & Partners has long experience within program management and often act as program managers. We add value by:

  • Keeping the strategic alignment of the different projects included in the program, ensuring that all projects contribute to the program goal
  • Supporting management in coordination and prioritization of projects in the program of ongoing projects
  • Structuring the governance model, including follow-up and reporting within the program, to secure the projects’ successful execution
  • Follow up resource utilization and ensures that the resources working in the program focus their efforts on the right things
  • Identifying and keeping track of all program risks

Case Study

Montell & Partners acted program manager for a large ERP roll-out

Client & Challenge The client started an ERP project with the purpose of establishing a new, common system platform within the corporate organization. The project...

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