Project Management

Project management is the art of planning, organizing and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project is a temporary organization that is created to deliver an explicit result or product.  What is expected from the project and when it is to be finished and handed over to the managing organization should be well defined. In order to conduct and manage a successful project specific technical skills are required.

How can a clear project model add value to your organization?

Projects as a way of working are becoming increasingly important for companies today. Projects demand a lot from the organization and if the people are inexperienced, it can be difficult to capture the expected value of the project result. In order to perform successful projects with people of various experiences, a well-developed project model and a project management office (PMO) can add value by:

  • Supporting project management to define the project objectives
  • Ensuring quality in the project work by providing a well-defined toll-gate structure
  • Adding a clear governance and follow-up structure that will make it easier for project management to keep control over the project
  • Giving transparency and traceability to the project work
  • Supporting the organization’s coordination of projects

How does Montell & Partners make your project work more successful?

Montell & Partners has long experience from developing and implementing project models. We can support you throughout the whole process, starting with defining your needs and requirements to develop and implement a suitable model. We always work in close cooperation with our customers and with support from current best practice. Montell & Partners can provide support within the following areas:

  • Implementation of a project model that meet your needs and requirements
  • Development of a suiting governance structure
  • Definition of clear project roles and responsibilities
  • Creation of appropriate documentation templates and agendas
  • Training and education of the employees in the new project model

Montell & Partners also offers experienced project managers and teams with practice specific competence that makes your projects successful through:

  • Dedication to the task and our problem solving mindset
  • Structure and execution orientation – we make things happen and secure that project goals are reached
  • Contribute with expert knowledge and experience within project management
  • Support in joint teams, which ensures knowledge transfer to the internal organization

Case Study

Successful development and implementation of Project Management Office

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