A strategy should describe the journey that the company needs to make from its current position to reach the future desired position. Successful companies often use their strategy to describe the main initiatives that will be performed in the coming 3-5 years. This is followed by a break down for the coming 12 months into activities and projects with clear roles and responsibilities within the organization. To secure fulfillment of the strategy these activities are monitored in the top management group by using an operational planning tool with focus on the coming three months.

What value does Montell & Partners add to your strategy work?

Montell & Partners takes on companies’ most complex challenges and has long experience of developing strategies on both corporate level and business unit level. We have also acted as facilitators and project leaders in the process of creating new business areas and organizations for companies within many different industries.

Our support is offered in joint teams and we customize our approach to your specific organization and situation. We offer you the best people with a unique flexibility and can support your strategy and organization activities by:

  • Creating a new strategy or developing an existing one by acting as strategic advisors and support you throughout the entire process
  • Facilitating and catalyzing your work with vision, mission and company objectives
  • Breaking down long term strategic targets into activities and projects on different levels in the organization
  • Challenging the current organizational structure and identify potential improvement areas
  • Creating an efficient follow-up structure including KPIs and scorecards

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