Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management is increasingly important in a business climate with increasing competition and global presence. Securing an efficient set-up from your suppliers to the customers is the key to ensure the value of your offerings. However, even with a set structure there are many areas where you can make the difference between a plain supply chain and a winning structure.

Footprint analysis and supply chain optimization

A footprint analysis offers a complete investigation of your supply chain to find the best set-up for your business to stay competitive and be continuously optimized. Evaluations need to be done regularly, such as acquisitions, changing market conditions, increasing cost levels and changed risk factors, where all decisions are based on a robust analysis of the cost drivers and risks. The employees at Montell & Partners has expert knowledge of conducting both detailed analyses in complex environments and more assumption based analyses when less information is known.

We can support your footprint work by:

  • Providing a rough preview in a short time to determine areas for future analysis
  • Identifying cost drivers using proven tools that allows simulation of various set-ups
  • Using a cross-functional approach giving an increased understanding of the entire value chain, allowing us to avoid sub-optimizations
  • Working closely together with your organization to secure knowledge transfer and long-term success

Logistics Sourcing

Logistics costs makes up a significant part of a company’s total expenses, where the operational work is often based on set-ups that have evolved over time and under different business circumstances. By securing the right set-up and negotiating both transportation and logistics cost, the company’s’ total cost can in many cases be substantially reduced. Montell & Partners support our client through all stages of the process, including make/buy decisions to supplier contracts.

We have developed several tools to ensure a fact-based analysis combined with a flexible approach, which ensures a solution customized for your needs by:

  • Defining what services are needed in your logistics network and how many service providers are required
  • Preparing the necessary material to create clear RFI and RFQ
  • Scanning the market for service providers and negotiating their offers to achieve the best cost possible levels
  • Facilitating or leading the communication with service providers
  • Proposing the preferred integration level between you and the logistics suppliers in terms of communication and IT-systems

Manufacturing Optimization

Optimizing your manufacturing process, to create flexibility to meet shifting demands in a fast and responsive way, is necessary to be successful in your market. Productivity and cost must be improved to ensure on-time delivery for improved customer satisfaction and maintaining a balanced production set-up. Montell & Partners has a holistic view on your complete supply chain, from the supplier network, through the manufacturing process and all the way through your distribution system. Together we can find the bottlenecks of the process, where a buffer of inventory is of most value, and how to get the highest possible throughput in the manufacturing process.

We can support your manufacturing optimization activities by for example:

  • Focusing on cost/benefit
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Analyzing and improving production master plans

Capital Rationalization

A company’s profitability can be measured by Return on Capital Employed (ROCE), which is a ratio that measures how efficiently it’s capital is used. By initiating a capital rationalization project, the need of capital is reduced for the company and the released tied-up capital can be used to increase profitability by lowering interest bearing liabilities or be used for investments in the business. Montell & Partners has extensive experience managing capital rationalization projects in several different industries. We have helped clients all over the world and offer a flexible approach where we strive towards a close cooperation for the best possible result.

We focus on creating sustainable value and can support your organization by:

  • Identifying short term actions to instantly free capital in the operation
  • Identifying and implementing improvements to reach long term efficiency in the organization
  • Supporting you in the implementation and follow up of the needed changes and new processes for an effective and efficient organization

Educating the employees in capital rationalization methods and analyses for a long-term knowledge transfer

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PartnerJacob Axenborg

Jacob Axenborg


Jacob has been a part of Montell & Partners since 2005 and is based in Gothenburg. His work is focused on organization, strategy and supply chain management, mainly working with change management and process management focus. A core discipline for Jacob is footprint analysis and footprint design focusing on how to optimize the supply chain over time. He has a long experience of working with both private and public organizations.

Jacob has a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology and a B.Sc. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Gothenburg.