About M&P

Montell & Partners is a management- and IT consulting boutique based in Sweden. We believe that every organization and every challenge is unique, and that we always need to tailor our approach to deliver long-lasting positive impact on every client organization.

We strive to solve our clients’ most complex challenges while our organizational size allows us to provide an unmatched level of flexibility and intimacy to our clients.

As the complexity in our society increases, we must be eager to learn and adapt. This applies both on individuals as well as on our company in order to meet the future challenges our clients will face. We believe that our boutique concept also enables us to attract the best suited talents to our team. 

Our business principles are the foundation of our culture and way of working. At Montell & Partners we strongly believe in creating close, long term relationships with both our clients and our employees. A good corporate culture is key to achieve this. Our employees are always striving towards new challenges, and they do not hesitate to take initiatives of their own.

The Montell way

To achieve our mission, we focus consistently on fulfilling our business principles, which is the foundation in everything we do:


We always set the client’s interests first, independent of the organizational level or position that we support.


We are dedicated to take on the most complex challenges of our clients and deliver substantial impact. It is our strong belief that if we serve our clients well and add significant value to the organization, our own success will follow.


As we take on the most challenging assignments we work in teams to ensure creative, high-quality deliverables.


Our clients recognize us for our team oriented and collaborative approach that shows leadership, integrity and honesty.


The foundation of our business is our people and our reputation. Only by recruiting and retaining the most exceptional individuals our long term reputation can be secured.


Our client driven success enables our people to move ahead and develop in a rapid pace, which ensures our retention of the very best competency within the firm.


We believe in professionalism and have high ethical standards in everything we do as we constantly receive confidential information as a part of our client relationship.


We are known for generously sharing profits to charity and have a proud tradition of taking corporate social responsibility.


Our humility, honesty and team oriented spirit have enabled us to keep our clients and to continuously expand our portfolio of clients on a local and global basis.


We are a management consultant boutique. We are small enough to offer flexibility, loyalty and intimacy yet big enough to work on the most complex challenges of our clients.

Our history

In 2004, founding partner Leon Montell decided to gather his current top coworkers, with more than 25 years of combined experience, to start a new management consulting firm. The vision was to be a small firm with the expertise challenging the large global firms.

The idea was to maintain the flexibility and intimacy only a small firm can offer its clients, yet leverage from the customer base to create impact and value. This is what defines the boutique concept that we at Montell & Partners still live by and has proved to last in the competition with the larger players.

Today, Montell & Partners is just where Leon back in 2004 imagined it to be, creating company success stories and making large impacts. Through the years, we have developed a flexible business model that lets each of our partners practice what makes them unique. Yet at the same time, we have founded common ground to collaborate on.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono Publico (often shortened to Pro Bono) is a Latin phrase that means “for the public good”. At Montell & Partners we have taken the opportunity during the years to make Pro Bono and corporate social responsibility a part of our company culture and strategy, a part that we value highly. By donating financial means to charity organizations helping people that have not been as fortunate as we have, we give back to the society. Our work does not only bring value to ourselves and our customer but also to the society.

At Montell & Partners we take corporate social responsibility by financially supporting the following organizations:


To be at hand with hope, alternative solutions, and light is consistently the most important work for Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg. Their tasks include working for those who, as a result of abuse, mental illness, social problems or sickness, have ended up among the vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless in Gothenburg.

Montell & Partners are proud to be sponsors of Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg. We know that our sponsorship will help exposed and vulnerable people in Gothenburg, the city where we have been fortunate enough to work and live our lives.

The story of a climb

The mountaineering theme of Montell & Partners is in honor of Tomas Olsson, who lost his life May 2006 on Mount Everest.

Tomas was a close friend of some of the founding partners of M&P, who worked intensively on rescue work. During the time when Tomas was missing, many came together and did everything they could to help. Through a lot of hard work and collaboration, the rescue efforts led to the first helicopter landing on the Chinese high-altitude base camp in history. Unfortunately, Tomas did not survive the fall, but the rescue efforts made it possible for Tomas’ body to be retrieved back to his family in Borås, Sweden.

The memory of Tomas reminds us to:

  • Aspire to reach for your highest goals and realize your dreams, as life is short
  • Assess risks and prepare for other outcomes than what you expect
  • Never settle for less than your potential and optimize your life, not only your work

These insights are represented in our theme and images, which are taken during Tomas’ adventures.