How do I know if the dramatic price increases from my suppliers are based on actual cost increases or market opportunism?
Montell & Partners and Prognos MKA support companies that seek to enhance their knowledge about cost trends and strengthen their purchasing organizations.
During the last years, the characteristics of the materials market have changed rapidly and the context in which many purchasers operate has become significantly more difficult. Handling large movements and keeping track of price changes is often accomplished by the consultation of price indices and multiple source checking. But what if the sources show contradicting results and how to know what indices accurately display the price changes for your specific products? 
Together with our partner Prognos MKA, we have recently arranged several training opportunities for purchasers and management in industries affected by the current price fluctuations. The aim of the training sessions has been to strengthen the knowledge of the participators about price sources and index selection, in order to improve the client’s ability to assess and benchmark their purchasing prices. Our partners Jacob Axenborg and Jacob Mannheimer have also shared their advice on how to best handle specific situations presented to the client, drawing from their experience and expertise in purchasing. 
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