Do you feel that the business goals seem further away after each finished project? Perhaps you are focusing on the wrong projects and need to prioritize what your business spends its time on. Montell & Partners has helped multiple companies structure and prioritize incoming projects so they are aligned with the business’s overarching goals. Our framework illustrates how each building block in the business is interlinked.

Are your projects aligned with your company’s strategies and goals? Are you lacking a precise tool for prioritizing incoming projects, leading to inadequate planning and possibly dissatisfied customers as a result?

By setting up a clear method to prioritize your portfolio management, you will be able to free available capacity and leverage your time to focus on the most important projects that significantly impact the bottom-line results as well as contribute to the company’s strategies and goals

The upper part of the framework deals with the connection to the company’s overall goals & strategies and how these are translated into evaluation criteria for the portfolio. The middle part of the framework describes the active management of the portfolio and the projects from start to handover to management. The bottom part is about which forums & tools support the process as well as resource allocation and competence development of involved resources.