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Information Technology

Montell & Partners help you harness the power of Information Technology. Our experienced consultants combine business and industry insights with technology know-how and project management experience to deliver IT solutions that solve your business challenges. 


Information technology is a key enabler of competitive advantage in most aspects of a modern enterprise. In fact, most business improvement initiatives will involve IT in one way or another, which is why Montell & Partners can offer complete solutions where your processes, people and IT systems are aligned to deliver required performance.

Our services within Information Technology are dived in four key areas and projects within IT are often combined with other service delivered by Montell & Partners.

IT governance and strategy

IT governance and strategy focuses on IT solutions and services, to assure that investments in IT solutions and services generate maximum business value. 

Montell & Partners helps our clients integrate IT into the corporate governance structure and to align IT with the business goals as well as to ensure that resources are allocated in an optimal way. 

We help you navigate between the different best practices and proven methods to define clear structures that suits you and your business best by setting up a tailor-made supply and demand model ensuring an agile IT function,.

our solution includes:

  • Mapping of current IT solutions and services vs business processes together with the current IT architecture 
  • Defining and implementing clear roles and responsibilities regarding IT solutions and services together with management processes that support the business model 
  • Defining and implementing a governance model for IT architecture including master data throughout the client´s organization

As a part of our strategy services Montell & Partners helps our clients to describe the journey that their company needs to make from its current position to reach the future desired position which is described by main IT initiatives that will be performed in the coming 3-5 years.

Transformation of IT services and operations

Transforming IT services and operations into the new era of digitalization and cloud computing is one of the key challenges that many organizations face today. 

The cloud is a powerful driver for innovative business initiatives and is increasingly taking on a more strategic role within many organizations. Becoming “digital” does not only involve securing a functional internal IT environment but also employing IT to manage operations and drive a digital customer experience, as well as developing and delivering new products and services.

Digitalization is reshaping and strengthening the relationship and integrations between companies, their customers, and suppliers. It is breaking down the walls between different industry sectors, forcing companies to redefine industry models. In many businesses, digitalization is viewed upon as the 4th industrial revolution.

Montell & Partners offers our clients the opportunity to be part of this exciting journey by acting as change leader or enabler together with our clients’ organization. 


Implementations of IT solutions

Implementation of new IT solutions (for example CRM, ERP, BI or other business critical solutions) is often a complex process including several business functions and processes. Montell & Partners has vast experience from global, multi-site implementations in both public and private sector, that will help our clients undertake the challenge by providing customized support throughout the project. 

Finding the right IT solution, sourcing strategy and implementation process are important when choosing a new IT software or service. We focus on creating sustainable value and support your implementation project or program throughout the entire process. 

We can support you in the implementation of It-solutions by:

  • Initiating, planning and organizing the project together with key stakeholders 
  • Analysing business requirements vs current processes, systems and master data 
  • Helping with the system and supplier evaluation including requirement specification, negotiation and agreement
  • Contributing to the technical integration- and configuration work 
  • Leading the implementation and change management process together with our clients 
  • Secure proper set-up and hand-over to the future maintenance organisation 

A key success factor is to work in close cooperation with both the client and the supplier(s) involved and customize the approach to the specific situation. 

Application development & management

Application Development encompasses a range of areas from development of completely new system solutions to adoptions of existing standard systems and functionalities. For most business processes, standard off-the-shelf software is preferable, but in cases where specific requirements need to be satisfied software can be developed from the ground up. Montell & Partners are highly experienced in developing customized software applications, either as stand-alone systems or as extensions to standard systems, designed not merely to fulfil a requirements specification, but rather solve the specific business challenge at hand. 

Montell & Partners also have experience in management, maintenance, and continuous improvement of previously developed applications, helping companies extend the lifetime of their current applications. This ranges from bug fixing to development of completely new modules.

We are primarily a Microsoft shop, skilled in developing applications based on Microsoft stacks

  • Web applications and APIs based on IIS, ASP.NET and SQL Server 
  • Desktop applications and Microsoft Office applications 
  • Business Intelligence based on SQL Server or Power BI 
  • Azure deployments and cloud usage


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