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Innovation Management

Supporting clients with long experience of working with Innovation Management as well as customers new to the area.


Innovation Management

Montell & Partners are experienced in both setting up Innovation Management strategies and implementing IT-solutions to support existing strategies and are working with the best industry professionals.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management ensures that the innovation process supports prioritization of the right projects. A standardized innovation portfolio process gives company executives an overview of the current and upcoming projects and let them easily compare risks, rewards, costs and resource requirements. This offers an opportunity to identify the most valuable and important projects for the company. Montell & Partners have supported large multinational corporations as well as small private businesses in developing successful ways of working with innovation portfolio management.

We can support your portfolio management work by:

  • Setting up a portfolio planning tool customized for your current and future business
  • Focusing your resources on the greatest growth opportunities
  • Enabling real-time monitoring of portfolios at strategic and operational levels
  • Reduce the effort required to create and manage portfolio data by identify the most important projects based on the business priorities and business model
  • Increasing the probability of success for your product portfolio investments

Process Management

A structured process management allows firms to make better product investment decisions that focus resources on high-value projects. This can result in reduced time-to-market as it becomes easier to detect and solve bottlenecks for a faster innovation process. The employees at Montell & Partners have long experience working with Innovation Process Management to increase productivity and outcome of the product development process.

We can support Process management work by:

  • Providing best practice process models that help speed up implementation and time-to-market
  • Applying easy-to-use tools that increase the value of your innovation process through saving time for cross-functional teams and improving the quality of their output
  • Creating scenario analyses to foresee project outcome and strengthen the project planning
  • Supporting the collaboration and accountability among cross-functional teams to understand why projects succeed or fail, ensuring a continuous learning process


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